Concrete Rose Salon is a small salon with BIG dreams.   It is not just a beautiful space with expertly trained professionals. It's more than just a retailer of unique and hard to find beauty items from around the world. Most importantly, it's a space that combines the atmosphere of a high end boutique with community values and consciousness.

Noelle Weatherwax // Owner, Stylist

I'll never forget the first haircut I ever did. I couldn't get any of my friends to volunteer, so that morning before school I went searching. I found a man obviously down on his luck and asked him if he would like a free haircut and beard trim. He replied with an emphatic, "YES!" I realized while I shampooed and conditioned this man's scraggly gray locks that he probably hadn't much healing human contact in a long time. I felt honored to be trusted to do so. I also learned while I snipped away that he had been looking for a job for a long time and he felt like his new look was really going to help.

Community Programs

Treat Yourself & Someone Else

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